Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Quick Update

This is just a quick update to prove that I am still here and I am still WoWing. Although not anywhere near as much as I'd like.

One big advantage of not having much of a chance to play is the rested XP. In the 3 or so hours I played yesterday, I nearly did all of level 39. I've probably got about 20mins of playing left before I can - for the first time ever - by a mount. Yay.

I'll post more when that happens!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Stupid Hunter Need The Most Attention

I was running around, killing ogres, as you do. There were a few alliance running around as well, so I was being cautious. But I was also trying hard not to be a jerk - when I spotted a Night Elf druid fighting a mob, instead of taking advantage of her injured state, I helped her get the kill, then waved and ran off.

A little while later, I spotted a Night Elf hunter in the distance. That should have been my first warning. He was a couple of levels higher than me, but I figured if I kept my distance, things would be okay. Then I started fighting a mountain lion. It wasn't a hard fight, and it was going fairly well. Until the hunter spotted me and came running over.

I hoped he was planning on helping me out, just to add another one of those little golden moments. But no, he and his pet just laid into me while I finished off the tiger.

So I ran - I didn't really have much of a choice. My faithful friends Power Word: Shield and Renew came to my aid, as did Dispel Magic. Some how I managed to stay alive long enough to reach safety. That should give you some idea of how lame this hunter way - how could a half dead priest out run a hunter and his pet?

So I yelled some obscenities at him, rested and healed myself, and then headed back up. I kept a careful eye out, but he didn't seem to be around. Suddenly, I spotted him behind a hill. He was fighting something, and couldn't see me (I'd only just noticed him). So it was revenge time!

I snuck up on him, and when I was close enough smacked him with a Mind Blast and Power Word: Pain. I could see the "oh crap!" look in his eyes, and he decided to use my tactic - running away. He sent his pet after me (always ignore the pet - take out the hunter and the pet goes too), and tried to jump down the hill. Well, it was really more of a cliff. And when I say "jump", I really mean "fall".

Yep. I got an honour kill because the hunter was stupid enough to kill himself.

So I gloated for a bit - danced around, yelled, laughed. Then moved on. Shortly after, I was killing more lions in the same area when an undead Warrior came along. We said hi, and then I spotted Mr I'm A Stupid Hunter running back up the hill. So I Shield myself, and get ready. He spots me and charges. Totally not noticing the Warrior.

By the time he does notice this thing 5 levels lower smacking him with a sword, it's too late. I can read the look on his face that says "I'm going to get my revenge on this priest before I die!". So I smile to myself, cast Flash Heal and then Mind Flay him.

Oh, and then I spat on his corpse. Good times.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Just For Gordon

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Yay! Stuff!

As you can probably tell if you're not reading this through an aggregator (yes, I like to flatter myself), I found a necklace on Sunday. What's more, it's even a reasonable useful necklace - a [Basalt Necklace of the Gorilla]!

Monday, April 10, 2006

"You Shouldn't Be Here"

My goal for the weekend was to get to level 32. It was a fairly ambitious goal, partly because I was starting at 29, and because I was only really going to get about 6 hours of play time.

I finished off a couple of quests in the Shimmering Flats (which was enough to hit level 30), and then headed across to Booty Bay to do a couple more. I knew I was probably pushing it a bit to do anything in Stranglethron Vale, but I figured at least the XP would be good. Shortly after arriving, I teamed up with Rana (who was about level 33 at the time), so that made it no where near as impossible.

We grabbed all the quests we could from Gol'Grom, and then headed out to kill some trolls. We were doing pretty well - there were a few others farming the same spot, but since we were in a party, we had a much better chance on one of us noticing and pulling a mob before any of the others managed it. This was going reasonably well, despite the occasional high level Alliance pooheads showing up to ruin the fun.

Eventually we headed over to the Hunter's Camp to finish off a couple of quests. While we were there, I had a very "helpful" individual proceed to tell me that I shouldn't be here (in Stranglethorn). Apparently I was far too low level to be playing here, and really I should head back to the Shimmering Flats. This is despite the fact that a lot of the quests I was doing were yellow, and I was in a party. I've never met anyone in the game so far who cared quite so much about the level of someone else.

And, as Rana said, "Priests are always welcome!"

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Best Thing About PvP Severs

I was running around the Shimmering Flats on Monday evening, and I decided to go to Gadgetzan so I could pick up the flightpath there. As I headed up the hill, over the rise came a level 35 Dwarf. I stopped to consider. At 35 he would almost certainly beat me. But I was feeling reasonably confident that I could at least cause him some serious damage before I died - I had a nice selection of buffs happening, and was at full health and mana. But there was no way I'd start the fight.

A moment later he spotted me and stopped. He was obviously assessing the situation as much as I was - what would I do, could he beat me, how badly would he be hurt afterwards. Then I waved. I could almost see the relief on his small, bearded face. He waved back and we ran past each other.

Almost to 30

Haven't had much opportunity to play lately (stupid real world). I did manage to get Jaitan to level 29 over the weekend. I also (thanks to Tuni) discovered the Shimmering Flats. From just a few days running around there I've made 2 or 3 gold.

I've also put a bit of effort into boosting my tailoring. It's at about 190 now. The real winner was Daldregirn, who's now running around with 4 10-slot bags at about level 15.

I did a couple of battlegrounds over the weekend - including the shortest one ever. I accepted the invitation, had enough time to appear and start to move towards the door when it finished. All up I was there for less then 30 seconds. I had a little more success with the others - being at the top-end of the level bracket certainly does make a difference. I managed to come around 2nd or 3rd in the rankings.

Oh, and I'm now a grunt!


Monday, March 27, 2006


Sunday morning was meant to be the end of Daylight Savings on the eastern side of Australia. But, because of the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, "they" decided to postpone it for a week. Which is a fair enough decision - it would cause no end of confusion for all those visitors.

Unfortunately, no one told the majority of the windows machines in the world.

When I logged in on Sunday morning, I noticed two things. First, the server time had changed by an hour (I did have to double check that I wasn't missing out on an hour of sleep). The second was that the general chat channel was swamped with people crying out "what time is it where you are?" "what time is it in Sydney?"

Since I knew the answer, I decided to be helpful (since no one else was). I ended up getting into a conversation with someone who couldn't quite believe that both Blizzard and his computer would lie to him. So I pointed him towards the Bureau of Meteorology website and told him he could check there if he was still unsure. His reply is still making me laugh:
"Oh man, I have no idea what time I'm meant to go to school tomorrow!"