Monday, March 06, 2006

Wailing Caverns Runs

Seeing as we all had WAY too much free time over the weekend, the three of us (Rana the tauren shaman and Tuni, the troll mage) decided to hit the Wailing Caverns twice (although connection trouble meant Rana missed the second run).

Turns out this was actually the first time I'd played all the way through an instance. Previously the best I've done is getting to the final boss in the Dead Mines, only to have one of the party drop out leaving us unable to survive the final fight. So to go from never having finished one, to having done two in less than 24 hours is pretty awesome.

For the first run we teamed up with another shaman and a warrior. It was the first time I'd been the main healer for a party (other then a couple of times when Morcarli had teamed up with much higher level characters so it was the only thing I could effectively do), and it turns out it's quite a different game. I had to watch the other players much more than what was going on around me.

The other shaman decided to take on the role of secondary healer, which frustrated me a little (more than once I wasted a big heal on someone because he'd fired off a smaller one just before I finished casting), but it was really useful while I was finding my feet. We had more than one death, but with two shamans, I didn't get a chance to do a resurrection!

I was rolling amazingly well on most of the drops. Among the booty I scored not one by two blue items - the [Glowing Lizardscale Cloak] and the [Deep Fathom Ring]!

On Sunday, Tuni and I managed to pull together another group to do the run again. This time we had a tauren hunter, a tauren warrior and an ocrish warlock. We got off to a slow start, since we were down a couple of people at the begining. But once we picked up the warrior, we moved pretty well.

Being the only healer was fun. I was pretty pleased with myself that we didn't have one death. Well, unless you could the TPK that happened when we tried to take on Verdan the Everliving... To make up for it, I won both items that dropped off Mutanus the Devourer, including the [Mutant Scale Breastplate]!

So yeah, I picked up 3 of maybe 4 or 5 blue items. What to know the best bit? I disenchanted two of them...


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